This was a class project in my animation class. My friend and I choose to work on this together. He worked on the last half and I worked on the first half. I didn't have his half when I updated this so when I get it I’ll post it. In this project the main focus was the animation so the textures and modeling are not top quality and there is no sound.
The story is a Pixar type story where inanimate objects come to life when everybody leaves. The lights get turned off in a bowling alley and the bowling balls and pins begin to wake up and start stretching. Then for fun the main character or Agent as we named him, decide to go and knock some pins down. Agent has a uni-brow so the pins start to laugh and mock him for this difference. Agent gets angry and paces back in fourth. Then I was going for the cartoon style sprint when he rolls toward the pins. The pins see this coming and jump out of the way. In the ball return tunnel he gets angry at himself and when he gets out he sees the other balls laughing at him.
This is where my friend picks up.
So he thinks about how he can nail the pins and get his friends to stop laughing. He looks down the lane and sees the pins in a huddle, so he starts to sneak down the lane because the pins can’t see him as they are turned around. Then he jumps in the air, the pins at the last second look up as the get slammed by Agent. When he gets back to his friends they laugh at the pins and cheer for Agent as they carry him away.

My partner on this project was Erin Clark and you can see his website here.  Erin worked on modeling the enviroment and pins, lighting.
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